Terms & Conditions

Definitions: In these terms and conditions, the following words have the following meanings:

Customer: The customer named in the schedule.

Company: Minworth Storage Solutions.

Site: The premises on which the unit is situated.

Unit: The storage container specified in the schedule.

Goods: Any items that are stored within the site boundaries or in the unit.

Access hours: The hours in which the Company permits the Customer to access the unit.

Prohibited items: Those items specified in condition 8.

Licence fee: The amount specified in the schedule.

Commencement date: The date specified in the schedule.

Due date: The date specified in the schedule and the corresponding date in each month, unless the due date falls on a weekend or bank holiday in which case it will be the last business day before.

Schedule: The storage licence form.

  1. Customer Occupation and Access: The Company permits the Customer to use the Unit in accordance with these terms and conditions from the Commencement date until the termination of the agreement. If the Customer requires other persons to be permitted access to the Unit, they must either accompany the person or authorise this request. Authorisation given for access permission may be withdrawn at any time. The Company reserves the right to request ID at any time from any person, and to refuse access to anyone who is unable to supply this.
  2. Inspection: The Customer must inspect the Unit before commencing occupation and inform the Company immediately if it is deemed damaged or unsuitable for requirements, otherwise the Company will assume that the Unit is in good condition and suitable for use at the Commencement date.
  3. Access to Unit: The Customer may access the Unit at any time within the specified hours. The Company reserves the right to alter the Access hours at any time without giving prior notice.
  4. The Customer will permit the Company’s employees, agents and workmen to enter the Unit for inspection, maintenance and alterations provided that seven days notice has been given.
  5. The Company reserves the right to enter the Unit at any time without notification, and by any means necessary, if there is reason to believe that the Unit contains prohibited items, or is being used in breach of these terms and conditions, or if they are required to do so by the Police, Fire Brigade, Local Authority or a Court Order, or to prevent injury to persons or propert in the event of an emergency.
  6. Use of the Unit and Site: The Customer may use the Unit for the purpose of storage only. The following goods are not allowed to be stored in the Unit: perishable goods, any living creature, combustible or flammable materials, explosives, weapons, ammunition, chemicals, radioactive materials, toxic waste, asbestos, items which emit fumes or strong odours, compressed gases, illegal substances.
  7. The Customer may not use the Unit as a home or business address, offices or living accommodation, or cause a nuisance to any other Site user, or allow noise to be audible or vibrations to be felt outside the Unit, or release any liquid, gas or odour from the Unit. No mechanical work or spray painting is to be performed inside the Unit, or fixtures fitted and alterations made inside or outside of the Unit. The Customer must not cause obstruction or hindrance on the Site, nor invalidate any insurance policies, nor cause any damage to the Unit or any other part of the Site. If damage is caused then the Company must be informed immediately and it will be at the Company’s discretion to request that the Customer repair, restore or replace any damaged items, or reimburses the costs of the Company to do so themselves.
  8. Alternative Unit: The Company reserves the right to give seven days written notice and request that the Customer move goods from one Unit to another specified by the Company. The Units would be of the same size. If movement of goods is not arranged by the time specified in the notice, the Company may enter the Unit and arrange removal at the risk and cost of the Customer.
  9. Licence Fees: The Customer must pay to the Company the Licence Fee for the remainder of the month on signing this Agreement, and thereafter on the Due Date. Late payment will incur a late payment charge of 10% of the Licence Fee for each two week period or part thereof that the Licence Fee remains unpaid after the Due Date. Continued non-payment of both Licence Fee and late payment charges after one month may result in the Customer being excluded from the Unit and the Site. In these circumstances the Company reserves the right to gain entry to the Unit in order to take possession. Any goods removed from the Unit will be disposed of. Any costs incurred from these actions will be charged to the Customer, unless proceeds from the disposal are sufficient to cover the payment required. The Customer remains liable for any outstanding balance, and the Company may take any legal action considered necessary to recover these amounts. The company reserves the right to take late payment or accrued arrears from a credit card or debit card that the customer has given access to and signed and agreed to do so.
  10. Any cheques that are dishonoured in any transaction will incur a £15 charge.
  11. Increases: The Company may alter the Licence Fees at any time by giving 14 days written notice, the new Licence Fees effective from the first Due Date after the period of notice.
  12. Termination: Either party may terminate this Agreement. Any Licence Fees paid in advance will be refunded pro rata, with charges deducted if necessary for repairing damages or replacement of locks/keys. This Agreement may not be terminated by the customer if there are any outstanding Licence Fees or other charges, or if the Customer is in any other way in breach of this Agreement. If the Customer is in breach of this Agreement, the Company reserves the right to terminate the Agreement immediately by giving written notice and a final account will be presented for immediate payment.
  13. On termination of this Agreement, the Customer must remove all goods from the Unit and leave the Unit clean and in the same condition as it was on the Commencement Date. If the Company has to clean or repair the Unit, or dispose of any goods left in the Unit or on Site, there will be a charge to the Customer. If there are any goods remaining in the Unit or on the Site after termination, the Company may treat them as abandoned and dispose of them.
  14. General: Any delay by the Company to exercise their rights under this Agreement does not impair their rights, nor does partial exercise of any right preclude a further exercise of that right. The Customer cannot assign any of their rights under this Agreement to any other person. No variation of these terms and conditions will be effective unless accepted in writing by the Company and signed by one of the directors. If any one provision should become invalid, illegal or unenforceable, no other provision will be affected. Where the Customer constitutes two or more persons, the obligations under this Agreement become joint.
  15. Governing law: These conditions shall be solely governed by English law.